February 16, 2020

Asha's interoperability solutions, connected with standards

Asha's interoperability solutions, connected with standards

Asha is built with open standards and interoperability solutions in mind.  We have planned integration with a variety of open standards, some well-established such as Blue Button and some are burgeoning efforts such as the Gravity Project.  

What standards resonate with you?

Blue Button 2.0

Seamlessly enable Blue Button 2.0 integration for your member’s health history

Asha lets you quickly and easily onboard a new Medicare beneficiary’s health information into your system, including four years of Medicare Part A, B, and D provided by CMS.  Our solution natively speaks with the Blue Button API, revealing information such as Medicare coverage, drug prescriptions, primary care treatment, and cost.



Your data is ready for USCDI standards compliance, interoperability, and regulatory requirements

Asha ensures your data meets requirements for nationwide, interoperable health information exchange to enable exchange and regulatory compliance defined by the U.S. Core Data for Interoperability.  Developers of apps for providers, hospitals, and health systems will be enabled to extend additional care opportunities.


HL7 Da Vinci

Harness a value-based care model using an open business model process with your data

Asha meets the growing demand for programs such as the Da Vinci Project that target value-based reimbursement models.  The open business model process enables payers, health systems, and other participants to readily share clinical and administrative data between partners with the right data at the right time.  This empowers users to shift to value and focus on improving patient-centered care with more effective care coordination.


Gravity Project

Go beyond traditional clinical data to include social determinants of health and social risk factors data

Asha is aware of the strong links between an individual’s social risk and health care utilization by monitoring new standards proposed by the Gravity Project.  Although still in the early stages, you can be ready to capture and analyze coded data elements across clinical activities to address domains such as food insecurity, housing instability and quality, and transportation access.